Subdivide a shell according to stress regions

(Michele2 Colucci) #1

Hi everyone! I’m quite new to Grasshopper and I’m using it with Karamba plugin to perform finite element analysis.

So, the problem is: after the “Shell View” component, I would like to divide my surface into regions, with internal boundaries, according the von Mises stress values (or according the 16 different colours displayed).

I would like to obtain something like this:

Is there an “easy” way to do it, possibly without implementing python/C# scripting ? If not, could you please suggest me how to set up the code?

Thank you in advance!

Here attached the gh file with internalised geometry.2D Dogbone (36.3 KB)

Rhinoceros 5 - Karamba 1.2.2


Dear Mitch,
you could try to seed the the stress zones with different numbers of random points and then use Grasshopper’s ‘Delaunay Mesh’-component to produce a mesh.
When opening your definition there were some connections missing (e.g. the source-points for the force flow lines).