Karamba3D - Shell Von-Mises Stress results


I am working on a quite complicated tank mesh and would like to retrieve the Von-Mises stress results for all faces.
Karamba_VM_Stress.gh (17.9 MB)

My problem is I can’t get the same results as the Legend end values.

I have A-B-C-D solution ideas, but none of them is correct (?).

After some research I found out others struggled with this too, however their solutions didn’t work in this case:

I used the solution from this thread, but the values are not the same.
(the 3 branches refer to layers: -1/0/1,
Item 0 is the smallest, item 1 is the biggest value)

B.) Same function as in A just without scripting, and pos/neg values are considered, too.

C.) From its definition, Utilization in Karamba is: (VM_Stress/yield stress)
I assume it should work backwards: VM_Stress = Util * yield_stress

It gives a different number form either A-B or the legend .

D.) I managed to get the same result as in C with a bit modified function, but I don’t think it is correct.
Let alone the utilizaton values don’t match with the Util Legend borders either.

I am getting more and more confused although I guess the V-M Stress values should be pretty straight forward from principal stresses.

Any ideas how to get the Von-Mises stress results for every face of the mesh?

Thank you!

Now I found this tread:

I guess it is the same issue.
I don’t think you can retrieve the values at the nodes with the current version. Does it mean that it is not possible to have the individual stress values which are coherent with the legend?
(it would be very helpful because I would like to write the values on the screen with Text Tag as it is a bit complicated to decipher the color coding)