SubDDisplayToggle in latest SR candidate doesn't seem to work

What the title says. (vers7.6.21117.9001)

Hi Norbert -

tja… What does “doesn’t seem to work” mean?
What is the feedback on the command line when you run the SubDDisplayToggle command?

Hi Wim, sorry for the somewhat cryptic post.
I was a bit in a hurry.
The command line correctly shows the display toggle and the number of subDs changed, but the display stays smooth in any case.

Hope that helps.

Hi Norbert -So far this just works, here, in the RC 7.6… I wonder if you have any non-standard plug-ins running or something?


Hi again Wim, quick update:
After several restarts the problem seems to be gone for now.
I am having some problems upgrading my nvidia drivers so this might have to do with failed driver installation (even though the installation stopped before the driver could have been changed), but for the moment it returned to work as expected with a slightly older nvidia driver (456.71)

Hi Pascal.
See my 2. response to Wim.
This seems to be driver related.
The “grey-half-display” of subD reflect was temporarily gone too and has come back now.

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