_SubDDisplayToggle doesn't show flat


today a customer called, he bought a new Windows laptop, and installed Rhino 7 SR 19.

Pressing the Tab-key, or starting manually _SubDDisplayToggle says in the command line it switches the viewports to flat, but the viewports stay always smooth. He sees e.g. a SubD-Cylinder only smooth, never flat.

What to check?



Hi @Michael_Meyer ,

Have them run SystemInfo in that Rhino 7 and share that text file here or with tech@mcneel.com… my first guess is that the new computer came with old GPU drivers but I don’t think that should cause what you described.

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Hi Brian,

it seams there was a misunderstanding with the customer. The laptop was not new, and was using an unsupported old Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card.

I’ve told him, that Rhino 7 doesn’t support this card.

Thank you again, and I wish a nice weekend


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