SubD ununified directions on one object

Hi @dalelear
I just noticed that when I exported the model to TwinMotion (in game engines faces are by default only drawn on one side (but twosided materials are an option)) parts of one object was invisible, so I checked in Rhino and I see that this is the case with the subD object too:

I think it would be good if merging faces on SubD’s that they are unified by default in the same manner as joining nurbs surfaces are.

And I didn’t find a “UnifySubDNormals” command, is there one?

Being able to see the model in VR was awsome! The smoothness of the surfaces generated with SubD in 1:1 really showed off the potential of SubD being an impressive and important tool for the future.
I hope you guys set up a VR studio in your office so you can play around with it :smiley:

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Just for info:
I am having some odd append subd crashes where Rhino locks up but the display can still be zoomed in and rotated, but nothing else works. This time it happened after an append that I undid to redo since Append has a minor bug where it uses the last object as the mother for the new object (materials are inherited from the wrong object, but not in the preview… so maybe an ID bug?)

When this happens the GPU fan starts spinning and goes up to 75% load. And I have to terminate Rhino.

Not much help I guess, but maybe you can try to reproduce it. The two meshes are on different layers and one has material assigned to object. Different materials on the two… sorry for not having a clear bug nor a file for you.

It should work like that already and does here in a few tests. I assume you meant Join versus MergeFaces which would require the faces to belong to the same SubD already. Can you provide a portion of the model that shows this normal difference after Join? I bet it’s a specific edge case we need to fix. Thanks… PM me if you don’t want the model public.

Regarding VR, I know @andy has played with that a bit. I’m planning a deep dive myself this Fall for a RISD project too and would love to chat with you about what you’ve learned. I’m glad the transfer looks promising of SubD.

For the Append lock up, is your Help panel open by any chance when this happens? I’ll try and reproduce this as well as it sounds like a serious issue that needs fixing. It might be RH-59459 which is on @pascal’s list to test. The fix went in a few hours ago.

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Thanks for the feedback!
I could not reproduce the flipped sides but have show backside on now for future modelling and will report when it happens again (IF :wink: )

Call me anytime for VR chat or any other chat if you like and we can have a Teams meeting too of course. Or just PM.

Regarding the lockup the help was not on as far as I know. Does it need to be visible to be “on”? If so I will close it.

Can you tell me how you did it pls?

I have GravitySketch on the Quest and modeling with SubD is so comfortable and fast that it’s wonderful. I opened Rhino with VirtualDesktop but it was impractical. How do you see a Rhino model in VR?

The bug that just got fixed was if the Help panel was visible and you used 3DFace which AppendFace is really just a macro of which is why I thought it might be related. Looks like Pascal tested it as fixed so the next WIP should have the change, let me know if you still see the issue and I’ll try and reproduce it… or send a simple file that shows it if possible.

Great, I will test.
Can you report the join issue where the object selected second is used as the mother for the joined object?

I think you mean this one… thanks for the reminder. Filed as

Yup, that’s it, materials and all other properties of any kind related to the first object (even custom ones)

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RH-59683 is fixed in the latest WIP

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