Unify SubD Face Normals

Is there a way to unify the face normals of a Sub D object? I’ve inherited a model that contains a Sub D that appears to have joined adjacent faces with different normals. This is causing problems with certain materials when it comes time to render. As a workaround I’ve extracted the flipped faces, corrected the normal, deleted the bad faces, and re-joined. Was hoping there is a better way? Repair sub d returned “no errors” FWIW

I would have tried RepairSubD too… This shouldn’t be possible to my knowledge with Rhino SubDs. I would try ExtractControlPolygon > UnifyMeshNormals > ToSubD next. If that doesn’t help, upload the SubD and I’ll take a look or email it to me at tech@mcneel.com

Your method using ExtractControlPolygon did exactly what I needed it to do, Thanks!


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