Subd to brep

I haven’t done any tests yet and I wanted to know if subd-brep conversion is a big time-consuming transformation, and especially if it depends on the complexity of the geometry. Thank you

ToNURBS command converts a SubD object to a NURBS polysurface. I assume the same capability is available for use in plug-ins, etc.

Rhino V7 has been released so I will change this topic to the Rhino Developer forum.

Thank you. I would like to know if it can be heavy to convert a subd into a polysurface and if it depends on the complexity of the geometry so to decide the geometry to use for my purpose. I can potentially use many of them, this is way this calculation is so important.

Yes, it will depend on the input geometry. I recommend you do some testing to understand if the cost of converting is within what you would consider acceptable.

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thank you very much. I will post my results here when possible.