SubD & Rendering Practice- Nessie

Hello! I want to share this tiny project which is mainly for subd and rendering practice.

This model is the very first one I’ve built with the subd function. I was planning to capture the subd and nurbs of this model but unfortunately, I accidentally deleted them. Now only the mesh model is left.

In the meantime, I played with lights, materials, and UV mapping. I used UV mapping to apply PBR material to the ground plane. If you look closely, the pattern on the ground plane looks unnatural. The ground plane is divided into pieces, and the patterns have varied directions.


you could switch to box mapping under the texture mapping tab.

I tried Box mapping, but the plane ended up being divided into 4 sub-planes when the box was applied to it. So, I decided to use Sphere mapping instead.

I recommand against using a visible texture when you’ve got it applied to such a large ‘backdrop.’ It is distracting from the design – which should be the focus.

If you want a texture, try some procedural noise in the bump channel. You won’t see a procedural repeat as much, if at all.

Personally, I’d just give your backdrop a paper-like matte texture. The variations in the lighting are nice and (again) the design will be the focus.

Thank you @schultzeworks. I appreciate your advice!
The texture had distracted the viewer, as you said, and I didn’t perceive that at all since I was focused on practicing texture mapping.