Project pattern on subD body

i’m having trouble with projecting my curves pattern into my subD body. I have tried several things such as projecting only curves and flow along surface (created subD Surface and than projected it) and rebuild single subD faces and connected them to the curves that i got through dupEdge. but nothing gives me quiete the results as i want to have, since i want to have a new subD surface exaxtely on the upper surface of the plate, so i can change the depth of specific points.
In attachment you find the file with the curves i would like to project.
Maybe you have some other ideas how i can get the pattern into the object.

Best and thanks in advance!
project_pattern_subD.3dm (291.6 KB)

if I simply line the curves up over your model and project them straight down in the top view I get this-

are you expecting a different result?

the model is broken up into pieces, you may want to join or stitch them together as the curves currently overlap all the possible individual parts you could project onto.

hey kyle, thanks for your quick response.
i did try that too but than the subD surface turns into a polysurface in which i can not controll the individual parts. my goal would be that i have multiple subD parts which i can controll but that still be on the original hight of the upper plate surface

also if i project subD patterns on existing ones it sometimes does this weird explosions. why is that ?

thanks in advance !
project_pattern_subD.3dm (291.6 KB)

your projected parts, if they are the same as your curves, miss the target surface which is why you see those raised areas.

remember, subd is all about topology. your projected parts have to join into your new parts with appropriate topology. think about post it notes… all the squares have to stick together without any overlap.

hej kyle,
thanks a lot !
i’ll try further on than and rebuild the whole surface itself with sub D surfaces