SubD Rebuild? (maybe?)

Is it possible to simplify the Quads on the SubD that i generated (grey one) out of a mesh and make it look more like the green one (credit to @martinsiegrist).
I cannot quite achieve it with the QuadRemesh command because i only get more twisted Quads.

SO SubD.3dm (13.7 MB)

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Have you tried using guide curves when using QuadRemesh? Look at from 5:00 to 9:00. Also manual repair of meshes is discussed in the same video starting at 9:00.


Initial topic:

File can be found in this post: Capping Issue

The “Use Surface Edges” option is unavailable to me.

Btw, i think i solved this by simply re-launching the QuadRemesh command, but i lost some detail even though the face count in the one that i QuadRemeshed (left) again is superior to the original (right) face count…

Is your version of Rhino up to date?

i think so, i downloaded the last update yesterday

post a screenshot