SUBD Plastic Chair

Hello people!

So this newbie is having a problem about modelling a plastic chair.

Inner surface needs to be smooth, just outer surface has the wave graving.
For this model first I draw the outer wavy section then loft it around the seat curve, then I turned that polygon into subd.

Also I had the angle of the inner surface with the same method. Than I bridged them.

But here comes the problem:

If I leave it as a solid subd, I am having much trouble with doing the flanges (on the left).

If I do the flanges on the outer surface than I need to fill the gap between those two. But I cant use /bridge, or /stitch for that.

What should I do? Maybe my method is completely wrong haha.

Thank you in advance

do the flanges have to be subd? if not you can get the shapes you want then simply convert to nurbs, then close the ends up with a simple trimmed planar surface?

that way you could have much simpler topology inside the chair which will likely make it smoother.

remember, you need only 3 edges to make a corner-