Smoothing Naked edge rhino sub d

I am trying to model the outer surface of what will become a chair. I am having difficulty with a triangulated face along the naked edge which is causing some issues when I later go to offset the sub D as it begins to intersect upon itself. I have tried inserting an edge point as per an old topic (SubD surface smooth problem - #2 by BrianJ) to divide the face into more quadrants, but I have a feeling the issue arises from the fact it is the only triangular surface where every other is a quadrant.

I have done my best to align all of the edge curves in at least one if not two planes to keep the model as clean and easy to work with as possible but I think this may be causing more hassle than its worth.

May anybody help me with any tips to help smooth the curve around the naked edge? And how to even out similar kinks within the main surface. Thanks!

Alice Miller_Rhino forum_Help file.3dm (112.9 KB)

Hi @Alice_Miller
@inju beat me to it, but try avoiding tri’s altogether. The cleaner, quad-based layout will be much easier to control and if you are planning to add thickness to the piece at some point, that too will be much easier.

Alice Miller_Rhino forum_Help file_JN.3dm (2.0 MB)
HTH, Jakob

Beautiful thank you!

Thank you so much for your help! Such an easy soloution of course:)