SubD modeling

Testing out SubD…

  1. filtering points, edges, polys, is not easy to do, compared with other software,
    please look at 3dsmax,maya,blender,houdini,modo, even autocad. in order to work efficiently there needs to be a way to easily switch subobject selection modes.

  2. can’t figure out how any keystroke combination that allows for edge copying, extending… For example in max, you just hold shift and drag

  3. gumball sometimes is not clear… because there are no cones at the ends, only a 2d arrow. Sometimes when you look at it is not obvious why way it is pointing, into or out of the screen

  4. gumball has too much going on… most 3d programs you can change the gizmo depending whether you want to scale move or rotate. you can only do one of these operations at a time, so it doesn’t make sense to clutter the screen with all of them all the time. the current way, it makes it harder to select around the gumball, and you can easily click the wrong function

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I guess so yeah… if you could choose to hide for what you want in the command line, then hotkey it or something, that could be useful.

Personally, I think the scale handles on the gumball are a bit dumb anyway. If you’re too far from your object, you can’t easily get a grip on the right handle without zooming right in.


Slightly defeats me why they don’t interactively scale up like the rotate and move ones do. I’m guessing there’s a good reason for it underneath somewhere - and indeed there is, just noticed. The scale handles always size themselves to the bounding box of whatever is selected.