SubD Extrude Face Snap - Feature Request

Hi there,

I’m not sure if this is already in the works, but I came to realize that when I use extrude command (with gumball) on a single face with subD objects (also with surfaces and polysurfaces), there are no snaps available. This would be really helpful and would speed up the modeling so much, so I’d like just to add this as a feature request.

Here’s a short video showing what I exactly need:

Hi @dusancv
I agree that snaps should work! As a workaround, if you use the gumball move arrow and press/hold control after you start moving the face(s), you should have osnaps working :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

Yes, glad you share the same opinion. I’m not getting this workaround. The snaps are working in this case, but they are working for moving the gumball location itself, not the actual face.

Hi @dusancv
I’ll give it another go:

  1. use ctrl+shift and LMB to select a sub-d sub-surface (a lot of subs!)
  2. use the gumball arrow to initiate the move
  3. once you’ve started moving your face, press and hold ctrl (and don’t let go until you’ve released LMB)
    Better? :grinning:

Hi @Normand

That’s what I did, but I’m not getting any snaps either by using this method.

Hi @dusancv
Strange - it works here. I’ve made a quick video. Remember, I’m using the arrow, not the extrude dot on the gumball. I’m pressing/holding Ctrl from around the 5 second mark - notice how the preview changes from moving the face to extruding it. Are you seeing any snaps if you just move the face (no Ctrl pressed)?

Yes, that’s strange. It may be a glitch. I am doing exactly the same thing as you. Not seeing any snaps both with and without ctrl pressed (using the arrow, not the extrude dot on the gumball)

Really weird… are your Graphics drivers up-to-date? And is it the latest WIP (7.0.20007.12535)…Grasping at straws here :slight_smile:


In my case it snaps with either using the dot or the ctrl+shift method

Hi @martinsiegrist
This is embarrassing - I didn’t even think to test, if it worked with the dot :grimacing: That works here as well!

Yep, drivers up to date, wip version up to date. I’ll test the same thing on my second computer to see if the same thing is happening there.