SubD pull - Halp!

new to subd and i remember being able to pull a surface from T-splines that basically pulls just a surface out… if that makes sense, forget what its called… i can move the surface out but i want to like “extrude” that face or edge… if that makes sense… ?

subdivide face for some reason does not work for me?

press Alt while dragging the face.

Hi @zale_orcid
Or use the gumball - click the little dot on either handle to extrude in that direction.


The alt doesn’t seem to work for me? I can move the face out as Jakob mentioned, but i want to basically “duplicate”

You should see a + symbol next to your cursor. Either hold Alt/Option prior to dragging the sub-object selection or tap Alt/Option while in the middle of dragging. When you release the left mouse you’ll see the duplicate.

alt drag creates this:

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Correct, that is the duplicated subd face with uncreased edges. I think that is what was being asked about by @zale_orcid … maybe I misunderstood. They mentioned subdivide face several day ago too which is on the feature request list for subd sub-object support.

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sure. I would like to see the face still connected to the body and it basically just extrudes the face out without adjusting the body too much like it does when you simply move it… the best i can do to describe is having a subd body as the trunk of a tree, and taking one little section and extruding an arm out of it without the whole body moving… also when i reopen a file I get all this pixelation?

Does clicking and dragging the dot handle on the Gumball arrow do what you want? This extrudes the face adding adjacent ones in the process.

I honestly think this happened because I opened my file in rhino 6 and saved in rhino 6.
@BrianJ you can see my latest post on this same thing, but I think I just resolved it…

@BrianJ BRIAN! yes the dot did it, THANK YOU

This is what I want
separate one sub-d object …

Thank you Jakob, missed this @Normand

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