SubD edge selection highlight is only one pixel thick, can it be changed?

Below, on the left: SubD object, with one interior edge selected and all naked edges selected.
On the right, nurbs object, with the same edges selected.

I’m using a high res screen. I have my naked edges set to pink. I have my Nurbs edges and SubD wires set to 5 pixels thick.

As you can see, the selection highlight works on Nurbs objects the same way as it does in Rhino 6, with the highlight color showing the same thickness as the edge. But for SubD, the highlight is only one pixel thick, and it can make it hard to see what I have highlighted in many circumstances, depending on object color.

Is there a setting for this that I don’t know about? I’ve looked and didn’t see one. Or is this an unfinished task?

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That’s the options panel I used to change my wire thicknesses, yes.

What I’m saying is that the thickness of a selected wire is stuck at 1 pixel even when I change these settings.

For high res screens, I am using a wire thickness much bigger than 1, and when the object color or wire color is not highly contrasted from the selection color (I use bright green for selections), it becomes very hard to see the selected wires.
Nurbs edges, when selected, show as the highlighted color in the same thickness as they’re set to in view>displaymodes>shaded>objects>surfaces. Same for view>displaymodes>shaded>objects>meshes.

I’m guessing that selected subD wires being stuck at 1 pixel despite me changing them to 5 pixels is an development oversight?

Because this is a high-res screen issue, please open this image all the way up and zoom in to see what’s up. one interior edge and the naked edge of the subD are highlighted.

check for updates?

Running WIP (7.0.20196.12025, 7/14/2020), which is the latest on Brian’s update announcement thread.

ok, I’m running a later version (7/20) …I’m hoping a fix is on it’s way for you-

Your version is fixed?

works here-

When you increase the boundary edge to 6 or 7 pixels and select it, what does it look like?

Did you sub-object select the boundary wire? I can’t see a highlight. My problem is with only the highlight, not the unselected wires.

Here’s a zoom-in. Selection highlight = 1 pixel. Wires = 7 pixels.
In the previous image above, the naked edge is pink when unselected, should appear green when selected.

Just checked with the devs- we do not have any selection specific settings that can be changed.

Kyle, Until they add that setting, wouldn’t make sense to at least that selection wires match any other wires’ thickness?


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yep, but unfortunately they are two different things ATM- I’m digging into this more…

That’s how it works for meshes and nurbs already, and it’s fine. I wasn’t asking for a separate thickness setting for subDs. I was just asking for it to work like everything else.

I think it’s also possible that the sensitivity radius for SubD subobject selection may be quirky compared to meshes and nurbs. I think this was brought up a while ago and I don’t know if it’s been addressed.

bumping this, because the issue is still unfixed

Got that, thanks.

RH-60812 Subobject select edge thickness on SubD


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