Change line weight for Selection Filter

Apologies if this has been answered before, but I can’t seem to find it on the forum. I’m having trouble changing the line weight of an object when I use selection filter for SubD Objects. I’ve been looking around in the preferences, and do see line weight options in “Display Modes,” but this does not change the line width when I filter an edge selection on SubD objects. Anyone know the answer to this? Thanks!

What are you trying to change the display width of… the SubD wires in general or just the selected edge?

Hi Brian,
It’s when I select a SubD edge … I’m attaching an image so it makes more sense:

Does changing the color for selected objects help? On Rhino 7 for Windows, this is where the control is in the Options command.

Sorry, you are on a Mac… it’s in Preferences > Colors there

Yes. It’s the same for Mac. The color is actually pink, and there should be a pretty high contrast on the grey, but it’s the thickness that’s an issue. I’m able to change the thickness for all the other display modes, but just can’t seem to find where you change the actual edge thickness for the SubD edges.

In the Display Modes section you can change the wire thickness for SubD objects here…

I tried that, but it didn’t change the thickness of the edge selection. Though I didn’t notice subD in there, so thank you for that! Unfortunately still hunting for the edge thickness…

Hoi Floor -

There isn’t a specific setting for selected edge thickness display. That just follows the edge display settings.
Are you having this issue in all display modes? Also those that you haven’t customized?
Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.