Feature Request: Less highlight with subd faces

Is there a way to dim the highlights for faces, this is totally flat and could be showing at least a bit of gloss or 3D parameters to understand the surface. What do you think?

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There is nothing different about the display of SubD object surfaces and NURBS object surfaces. Details such as SubD wires, NURBS isocurves, etc can be set differently.

To change the properties of a display mode:
Options or DocumentProperties > Rhino Options > View > Display options drop down menu
Select the display mode of interest, and change the parameters as desired

Example of SubD object and a NURBS object in Shaded mode:

SubD with face selected:

As you see in the above screenshot from Modo there is the item in other color as the selected faces, and the contrast between selected and deselected faces as and their corresponding edges is crisp and elegant and comfortable for the eyes. In your screenshot, everything looks like two colors.

There should be a display hierarchy, edges should be more highlighted as faces, same applies for surfaces, which are not highlighted in Rhino at all.


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@inju can you please add your solution to this. The settings you did.

Highly appreciated.

Thank you!