SubD Concept Car on Blender

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Great compatibility between Rhino subD and Blender


What do you mean great compatibility between rhino and blender subd? Are you able to import blender subd into rhino as a subd?

Hi, is the other way around. You can export the control polygon of the subD as a .obj, and import it on blender, apply a subdivision modifier and you will have the same result as subD


Thanks Alan. That’s interesting. But Im curious whether it’s possible to jump between rhino and blender while retaining subd (rather than having the export turned to mesh)?

Hi Peter, I don’t think so… subD is not the same as Mesh.
It shouldn’t be difficult to make a plug-in that imports the subD objects in blender as a Low Poly mesh to subdivide later.


you can extractcontrolpolygon and export that to blender which should convert/ subdivide as you’d expect.

this was rendered in blender ? that’s awesome

Hi! it was rendered in EEVEE, Blender’s real-time render

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Great man, my 2 favorite softwares in 1 project and it looks awesome keep it up :smiley:
also you should definitely make a tutorial

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