Comparison between Rhino and Blender SubD



Quick test of SubDFromMesh, using good ol’ Suzanne as the guinea pig.

I’ve attached a Rhino file with some layers:

  • Cage - Mesh cage for the monkey
  • Level 1 - Blender subdivision modifier with 1 iteration
  • Level 2 - Same, with 2 iterations
  • Level 3 - Same, with 3 iterations
  • SubD - SubD object created from the mesh cage using SubDFromMesh

Some obvious areas where they don’t quite match up, so I assume the sub-d algorithms are different. FWIW, Blender uses a Catmull-Clark method. Parity between Blender models and SubD models in Rhino would be awesome!


Blender_Rhino_Subd_01.3dm (1.7 MB)