Do not display Selection menu for edges of (closed) polysurfaces

For me, it would be a huge workflow improvement if the selection window would stop popping up for edges of (closed) polysurfaces. You know, when there are two adjacent surfaces that make up a polysurface, Rhino always prompts the selection menu to ask which edge I need (e.g. when lofting). The edge I pick does not even matter, so why should this menu pop-up if there are no other edges/ objects within the selection radius?

Also note that in this case I cannot use selection filters, because I am lofting between an edge and a curve.

Hi @Intuos I agree this is not ideal, I will see what can be done. In the meantime, have you tried mouseoverhighlight in the WIP? (change it in advanced settings)

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@Gijs Thanks for the tip, this helps a lot in the meantime. I did already notice that if I perform a loft and use a subobject selection, the mousoverhighlight breaks:

There are separate mouseover highlights for objects and subobjects.

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Ah yes I see, didn’t type the entire word, so missed the other option :sweat_smile:

It would be nice if the mouseoverhighlight colour could also be exposed so I could set it to a bright blue/ green/ yellow. But I am assuming this is already in the books.


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btw: I think this request is debatable, because what happens if you DO want to select a certain edge of the polysurface (since loft has a tangency match option)

That’s true, it is really workflow/ project dependent. It saves lots of clicks when you don’t need it, but it’s a double edged sword in that sense. There could either be a tab through selection (to avoid the window) to pick another edge (also requested elsewhere by others) or have a cycle edge in the loft window. I think the latter might be weird, though I could see input boxes like in Fusion 360, where you can click on the inputs for the command (rails, profiles, etc.) so you can change them after the fact.

It could also be an option in the command (which then disables tangency matching).

There are various ways to go about this.

Hoi -

Are you aware that you don’t need to “use” the window? You can use the mouse buttons to “tab through” the options. I park my selection menu in a corner of the UI somewhere so it doesn’t get in the way of the objects I’m looking at and keep my mouse right where it belongs…


No I wasn’t aware you could LMB click through the menu and confirm with RMB click. And park infers to right click and uncheck follow cursor. I don’t think it is ideal either, but to each their own preference :wink:

Anyways, thanks for the tip!