Sub-D Toggle

I was looking at Kyle Houchens “paperdoll” sub-d video and noticed the behaviour of the sub-d toggle is different in the latest MacOS version.

When drawing with the 3d face tool and the flat mode activated either via tab, command or GUI the 3d face is still drawn as smooth. Only when the command is completed does it switch to a flat representation.

Why the difference? Or is this a bug?
Rhino WIP version 7.0.20091.16036

Just tested the latest release of v7 for mac and that has been fixed. (at least it’s working here)

Thanks for looking into it. When will that be release be out? I can’t see any updates available past 7.0.20091. Look forward to trying this. Thanks again.

Hi - new public releases are usually available on Tuesdays / Wednesdays of every week.

I have had a look at this again and all my fault not paying attention. But… I think it would make a lot of sense for the append face or 3d face to draw in flat mode if flat mode is selected. Thats what I expected to happen but it still draws in smooth and snaps to flat on completion. I am clearly new to Sub-D and maybe there is a reason this shouldn’t happen but it feels a lot more logical if the smooth flat toggle applied during these commands.

that’s fair, The intent is to make sure the user knows they are making a subd part, as opposed to a mesh part. It would suck to draw a large model thinking you are in subd only to find out you are in mesh… (now clearly you can convert a mesh to subd, but we need some way to let you know which mode you are in)

Have a better idea? let us know, we are open to anything that makes this “better”

Thanks again for looking at this. I maybe the only one having a problem with this but hopefully my naivety can also act like fresh eyes.

So options –
Option to override and allow the command to operate in flat if selected. Users choice then they know.

Or colour, stroke or line weight is different for Sub-D and Mesh? As the commands are shared more and more there must be other examples of where a further differentiation is helpful. Just while the command is live.

Or display a ghosted version of the smooth along with the flat Sub-D that is being drawn. Clear it is not a mesh, you see the potential shape evolve as you draw and can keep the simplicity of flat to work in. Or the other way round - ghosted flat and normal smooth sub-d - as long as you can still see and snap easily to the vertices.

Right now appending in flat mode switches to smooth and leaves you guessing where the points / vertices are.

Thanks again.

thanks for this- will discuss with the dev team- Agree that there may still be work to do here-