(Bug and Wish) 3dFace (SubD)

in todays classroom, both Mac and PC.

3 times (for sure on Mac - not sure if also on PC) we did not see a preview / the command failed. (restart computer & Rhino, at least call a few different commands - fixed it)

(Wish 1)
it should be possible to switch between box and smooth mode with the command is running. (Tab-key)

(Wish 2)
the command itself uses “point” snap to snap while it s running, but later the resulting points are vertices (with the according snap)
Drawing a custom SubD over an existing (scanned) Mesh is somehow not intuitive regarding snaps:
It is possible to turn of Vertex-Snap, and keep Point-Snap on to not snap to the Mesh, but to the SubD itself.
As the command is made to draw (Append) Faces, I think (wish) it should ignore Disabled Snapping - therefor it should always snap to the SubD that is appended to.
The only scenario where a “itself-point/vertex snap” might be a handicap, is a nearly closed / double-sided object…so maybe this might be an option ? or even a preference ? (“self-snapping”)
(the same issue applys for example to _polyline)

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