Rhino 7 Subd Toolbar Slide Edge button command wrong

On the Subd toolbar the Slide Edge button has the command _SlideEdge associated, but the R7 command is _Slide.

(Rhino 7.1.20322.15001, 17/11/2020)

Hello - run ToolbarReset and then restart Rhino - that should sort it out - shout if not.


Thanks @Pascal, that fixes it (and gives me lots more subd buttons :yum:). Does that mean I was using an old toolbar from an earlier WIP release and, if so, should ‘run ToolbarReset’ be part of the upgrade installation instructions?



I think that was deliberately not done, as some people may have extensively modified their default.rui (always a bad idea) during the WIP phase and may want to keep their changes…

Back around V3 or so, people were complaining that new installs overwrote the default toolbar file and they lost their changes, so they stopped doing that. Unfortunately it’s really hard to train people to save their modified workspace under a new name and back it up.