Sub-D implementation in grasshopper


Really enjoying the playing with the sub-d toolbar, but I wish that these options will be available in grasshopper so that we can manipulate things like sub-d loft and bridge in gh.

Also the quad-remesh tool is really handy, would love to have that in grasshopper. When will this be available?

Also would gh implementation increase the solver speed - it is a little slow at 5-10 seconds to preview the default setting of 2000 faces?

Is sub-D available in python or C#? Maybe someone out there could write a component + with options for the quad-remesh?



SubD and QuadRemesh are available in RhinoCommon so you can work with these tools in C#, python, or grasshopper.

There is a QuadRemesh component in Grasshopper that Travis provides a sample for in his post introducing the Quad Remesher

Here’s a video using some SubD components in Grasshopper

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Grasshopper also has component’s for QuadRemesh in the Mesh section.

Thanks @Trav. Did not even think to look :slight_smile:

Been playing around with this just now. Thanks Mcneel.

Will the sub-d bridge and sub-d loft commands be implemented in gh at some point?