Sub-D parameter for GH?

Hi all, How can I access a Sub-D geometry from GH? Brep, Mesh, Geometry won’t let me “Set one…”

I don’t need to manipulate the Sub-D (although that would be great). I just need to apply SolidDiff, etc.


Sub-D has not been incorporated into GH yet. You can turn it into a mesh or brep first in Rhino then bring the result geometry in with one of the parameters you mentioned.

Arrrrggghh, I was afraid of that. Hopefully this will be possible in the near future…

Probably not considering Sub-D is a beta in Rhino 6.

There will be some new SubD support in GH for this week’s V7 WIP (probably available tomorrow).


Looking forward to try it

There are already some parts in Rhincommon, not a lot but it is the beginning. Waiting also for more.

Due to corporate policy, I can’t install V7 WIP. Am I correct that there will be no development on v6 Sub-D?

And is there a list of the Sub-D tools available in V6?

What do you feel is missing? I actually thought I got quite a bit in place for RhinoCommon.

That is correct, all SubD work is being done in the V7 WIP.

@stevebaer , Is there a comprehensive list of the Sub-D tools that ARE available in V6?

Steve, I didn’t dig a lot at the moment just using the autocompletion in a C# component inside Grasshopper, so it is a bit limited for digging.
Will SubD documentation will be here ?

I don’t think there is any list. I believe all you get is the early version of “ToSubD” which doesn’t even autocomplete because it would be considered a test command.

Yes; @will is there anything we need to do to update this documentation to reflect the latest code in the V7 WIP?

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Yikes, those docs are a bit old! I’ll get them updated this week. We should be able to have them auto-update along with the weekly WIP releases…


I’ve updated the Rhino WIP RhinoCommon docs to 7.0.19183.10495 (released yesterday).


If I may ask one side question as I wish to test this.
Now that I have cleaned my PC off old Rhino installations (all folders and registry entries), and have installed Rhino 6. Will installing the WIP cause that RhinoScript loading error again?

@will - This is a great resource for V7 (should probably be a sticky) but I am hoping for a similar list for V6. My company won’t allow WIP builds, so I’m stuck in the pseudo-past.


All of our Rhino 6 API docs can be found at

@will, thanks again. Is there a layperson’s list for Sub-D commands that work in V6? This API documentation is like drinking from a firehose. :wink:



I’m afraid that the Sub-D functionality in Rhino 6 is extremely limited and I don’t believe that anything Sub-D-related is available in RhinoCommon prior to Rhino 7 (WIP).

@dale, just to double check, is this statement correct?