Sub-D Hotkeys in Rhino7?

Hey All, been a LONG time since I touched rhino for drawing, I mostly code for it now, played with R7 Sub-D tools and really liked them, but its painfully slow to have to mouse about for vert/edge/face/obj selection, similar for extrude/insert etc.

Have I missed a tutorial or setting anywhere that enables thesehotkeys, ?in a hotkey mode? like with tsplines and clayoo?
(I know I can assign keys to commands but you still have to hit enter, making it pointless)

My first subd model in R7
The swallow the star and the white wolf pendant from Witcher TV series. ?Game?

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Hold “Ctrl+Shift” is the closest that you’ll get to at the moment. I use to think that it was silly to only be in one mode at a time (verts, edges, faces) but now having been in Modo for over 10 years I can say that it is the way to go. As this is the teams first entrance into SubD modeling I’ll say that it is without a doubt the best way to work with SubD modeling.

hmmm. ok so sounds like probably not planned then, no matter ill write a little snap in for myself. I think the same keyhooking code from this project will work nicely.