Sub-curves issue

There’s got to be something very obvious I don’t understand about the sub-curve component.
I’m trying to fragment this closed curve based on it’s intersection with a bunch of surfaces.
The domains look fine, I get the proper intersection points with “Evaluate Curve” at the parameters I get , so why are most of the sub-curves actually the whole curve instead of it’s fragments ? (26.7 KB)

Hello Osuire

You have to set the additive parameter (A) of the component to false.


Note that one of the segments will still be wrong , this is because the subcurve always operates from lowest to highest domain , and since the domain here shows “3879.28 to 1444.85”, it will still get the subcurve of “1444.85 to 3879.28”, hence a long segment. To fix this you can try to isolate these types of domain and then adjust the seams of the source curve , only then you can use subcurve.

Hope this helps

220615_IMG_Sub-curve (40.8 KB)

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You perfectly illustrate the magic of this forum.

Thank you so much !


Maybe there’s a more elegant solution to the issue with partition of closed curves, but here’s my take : (30.3 KB)

This is more robust : (29.9 KB)

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I might be missing something but why are we using Sub curves when we can just Shatter?

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You have a point !