Can I use sub curve component between multiple curves?

Hey there,
I have multiple curves in my script and they are not joined but I want to be able to use something like sub curve component to construct one domain between all curves without them being joined, like to move from one to another in a sequence.

I don’t think that is possible. You could try making a tree of subdomains for the curves? Reparameterizing the curves and adjusting the seams may be helpful.

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Sort and re-parameterize your curves (curve domain = 0.0 to 1.0). Then a parameter of 5.5 would be the 6th curve at t=0.5 (index starts at 0 not 1, this is why it’s not the 5th curve). I’m pretty sure you can achieve that with Grasshopper components, but writing a little piece of code is probably more straight-forward. Truncate the parameter to an integer and you get the index. 4.7, truncated is 4, so its the 4th index of your curves list. 4.7 - 4 is 0.7, so this is your local parameter.

thank you tom, but the issue is this is a list of curves even if i sort and re-parameterize each will have its own domain.