Stylized 2D contour map with hard angled lines?

I’m hoping to create a stylized, simple, non-literal 2D “contour map”, sort of like this:

Interpreting Contour Maps | METEO 3: Introductory Meteorology

but which adheres strictly to a grid like this:

The grid is made of angled at 26 degrees and 154 degrees.

So basically the “contour” lines would always snap to points on the grid kind of like this sketch:

Any ideas on how I might execute something like this?

You convert your contour to polylines
You get a list of grid points
For each polyline point you check which gridpoint is the closest → update the polyline point location to that gridpoint ( or simply use the list of closest gridpoints)
You pass the points to a cull duplicates
You rebuild the polyline from the culled list

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