Getting contours + offsets from Perlin Noise


I have an XY grid filled with 2d Perlin noise values and I would like to get the countour around a specific threshold as a polyline. The goal is to be able to parametrically offset that contour polyline.

What would be the common way to achieve this in Grasshopper ?

So far I am extracting the points around the cells below a certain value but I’m stuck when it comes to sort them in spatial order to create a polyline.

offset contours (11.4 KB)

Could you merge the cells into a surface and extract the naked edges?


The most simple is to do that (with surface or mesh)

Or to cut with a plane

Or to use mesh isosplitting for mesh.
offset contours (14.3 KB)

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Thank you very much for your replies and suggestions.

@michaelkreft 's answer is what I was looking for: a way to offset polylines or curves around grid-like shapes. I now realize my question should have been clearer regarding that matter, my apologies.

Nonetheless @laurent_delrieu’s answer was very informative and I learned a couple of things.

Thank you to both of you for your time.