Stutter viewport problems

since a while my viewports started stuttering or even freezing, also without much geometry (just some lines for example).
and if I move some command pallets they pull slowly behind. this issue seems to occur in all viewport but specially in perspective view.

software versions:
rhino 5 64 bit latest update
windows 7 professional

computer hardware:
intel core i7 3770 cpu @ 3.4 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 680MX 4GB

Do you have the latest driver for your GeForce? If not, install it and see if it helps. This often happens to me when I haven’t updated my drivers recently.

by letting the computer search automatically for a new driver, he told me it would be the newest one already installed. but by checking it manually I found a newer one, which I download actually. I will tell you the result after installing. but thank you so far!

so, updated. But I am not realy sure if it helped. rotating the orbit is maybe better, but still I have the problems by moving the command pallets.
any other ideas?

It might be that you could improve display performance some by tweaking the 3D settings in Nvidia’s driver settings, but I’m not familiar with the GeForce cards so I’m not sure how to advise you. Others on this forum have written about Nvidia driver settings so maybe a search or a separate query to the newsgroup about best settings for your specific chipset would help?

ok, thanks a lot. I will have a look to find a post about the settings.