Student in desperate need of help!

Hi, i am undertaking a thesis and have worked with an existing definition to create a series of room “boxes” from excel.

I now need to arrange these boxes, to create a building. As yest i have not programmed adjacency etc but i am really stuck as to what to do next, i am reading so much conflicting info and different ways to do this.

I have enclosed files here if anyone would care to have a look and make some suggestions? Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.
Thanks for your time

That is unfortunately very vague. More information is necessary. Let’s start with: What is the subject of your thesis?

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hello, thank you for taking the time to respond…

My topic is to do multiparameter optimisation of a design problem for an educational facility. i intend on using wallacei eventually but i need to create my building form to use as the context. I have done this via excel and have the boxes created from the definition i supplied but i now need to programme these in order to be assembled as a building rather than modules on a page as per below image:

Thanks once again for taking teh time to respond

OK, so do you have to end up with a dimensionally accurate building or a schematic of a building?

Just a schematic Jeremy, it is more or less a proof of concept to assist further research. I’ve seen some f the things from proving ground The Things We Make – Part 2 – PROVING GROUND and this Space Planning Optimization - Getting the Parametric Cubes to Fit the Building Ice Tray - YouTube which do exactly what i am trying to do but however, i can not assemble a definition that mirrors what they have done.

Its only has to be raw at this stage, no need for accuracy etc… Essentially every room is a module that can be stacked like shipping containers or a game of tetris… i don’t intend on programming corridors etc at this stage.

Thanks once again.