Parametric social housing

Hello! Im new to parametric design and i could use some help. I am currently preparing for my final thesis about using parametric design in social housing and how it can optimize the conception. My problematic is not to generate the form of the model with parametric design but rather generate different scenarios according to different variables (site, orientation, social parameters)… so i can show how this method can be adapted to the preferences of any resident and easily changed. I hope that was clear, i already did the research/analytical part but i don’t know how to make the model. Do I need to finish the conception then add the parameters in grasshopper late ? Or do they go hand in hand ? And how can i generate the algorithms based on social inputs ? Here is the link of a project i took as reference but it doesn’t have a detailed approach on how they made the algorithms: T2.a Architects Uses Algorithm to Design Customizable Apartment Complex | ArchDaily Thank you in advance!!