Stucking into sweep problems again

Started rhino for a week ago but still working on understanding it.
I tried to build sth like the one shown in perspective view with green lines.

Tried with sweep2 but not able to sweep with more than 2 rails…
even built with sweep2 but the tip & end didn’t close(patching would leave some gaps…still having no idea how to solve it)

also tried loft but the result doesn’t look good as well,

may I ask how to create this solid ?This is for latest Temple Sweeping.3dm (14.3 MB)


Hi W- you can make a closed object using EdgeSrf on each set of four curves defining the sides of your box and joining the results. The trouble may come if you need to fillet the edges- the sides come near enough to tangent to one another in places that it may be tricky to fillet.


Thanks Pascal,

The Edgesrf could work! :slight_smile: Thank you very much for the hints!
But the fillet issue is remain unsolved

The tip & end closed with patching but the mesh seems not able to be joined with the polysurface body…

Is there any quicker way to close it perfectly and joining each other?

:frowning: is there anyone knows how to solve the problem?

Hej WwwW,

you should probably use “overbuilding”, a common modelling technique when designing frames. You build the three or four sides of your temples and on the ends intersect these surfaces with another surface, trimming them with each other. Then, you can use the fillet tool. In some way, you should think like a modelmaker.

Hope that helps…

I don’t know your design, tolerances, manufacturing method, etc. but here’s an overbuilt principle (untrim the base surfaces to see what I mean) with some equalized crown on the top and bottom surfaces and G2 continuity fillets. Try to build single patch (Bezier, degree 5) surfaces, whenever possible.

Temples of doom.3dm (461.3 KB)