Sweeping not working

I am trying my hardest to replicate this kind of top of ring, And thought Sweep1 would be the best thing to work with, but since the curves have to go under each other when I sweep the surfaces come out in angles and distorted. I am not sure what to do. Any ideas on what would be the best way to make this? Sweep is just not giving me the same look, I am not sure how all the detail of the bottom tip of the hear was accomplished.

THank you

Can you post the curves you’re using for the top part? At first glance, I’d say it should be done in halves and with multiple cross sections. Recording History on the Sweep is also very useful for getting the result you’re after.

Thank you Brian,

here are some images of what Ive been working on, and attached is the file.

AHHHH3.3dm (378.9 KB)

I’d use more cross section curves to keep the Sweep from twisting and then record history on the Sweep as well so you can adjust the cross sections. Then I’d use CageEdit to get the dome look to the heart after you’re happy with the way the sweep flows.

There is one more thing to be aware of - the self-intersecting surfaces, which you will not be able to join unless you split them somewhere in the middle. (Just in case.)

Great! thank you both. Really appreciate it. Ive never used record history before, so I am going to see if I can find a tutorial that explains that. How does that work? if you dont mind explaining it to me!

Thank you again

It’s super easy, just click “Record History” at the bottom of the UI right before or during the Command. The rail and cross section curves will then control the swept surface after the command is completed. Don’t move the surface itself or you’ll break the history. The curves can be moved though or control point edited to adjust the surface.

Got it! thank you so much for your help! I am assuming sweep is the best way to achieve the top of the ring, correct?

Mindmap of the thread. I’m liking mindmapping, it helps me sort things out.

I think it’s a good choice but you could use NetworkSrf with more curves as another option. This works with History as well.