Stuck Dimension Text

Hi. Not sure if this is a bug or I am missing something.
I have dimensions which I cannot get to show the value as shown in the properties panel for the selected dimension.
I’ve tried scaling the dimension properties in Rhino options etc. and the value listed on the Properties panel is correct, but the text shown in the viewport is wrong.
Surely the value as shown in the properties menu should be what appears on the screen?
In this case 5805 is the correct value, but 174555 is shown.
See this image: Michael VS (Rh5SR9)

Note: All the other dimensions here are also way out with the same problem.
If I redo the dimension using the same dimension definition then the value shown is the same as the value on the properties tab. Perhaps I just have to redo them all?
Note2: Changing to other Dim styles has a visual affect on these dimensions but the values shown in viewport do not change.
This is what is listed for this items Details:
linear dimension
ID: 24856982-e522-4303-b5e2-12fa45c961c3 (25909)
Layer name: Layouts::L01_Sailplan::L01_Sailplan DIMS
Render Material:
source = from layer
index = -1
Valid annotation.
Aligned dimension
Text height in model units: 1.00
Dimension style index: 20
Dimension numeric value: 5805.17
Text value: “<>”
Distance: 5805.17
origin: 108566.71, 5515.40, 0.00
xaxis: -0.93, 0.38, 0.00
yaxis: -0.38, -0.93, 0.00
zaxis: 0.00, 0.00, 1.00
Point 00: 0.00 , 0.00
Point 01: 0.00 , 0.00
Point 02: 5805.17 , 0.00
Point 03: 5805.17 , 0.00
Point 04: 2902.59 , 0.00
Geometry UserData:
UserData ID: 8AD5B9FC-0D5C-47fb-ADFD-74C28B6F661E
Plug-in: c8cda597-d957-4625-a4b3-a0b510fc30d4
description: Userdata extension of ON_Dimensions
saved in file: yes
copy count: 32

For reference I’ve copied the dims out and pasted into a new file attached here:
Sticky Dimensions03.3dm (249.9 KB)
Note: These Dimensions came from a Rhino file which was dimensioned in Layout space. I copied and pasted the dimensions into model space, scaled them and applied them to a 2D diagram in model space.
So it seems asif dimensions done directly on a layout do not convert to dimensions for use in the model space without the values scaling the wrong way and no longer linking to the size of their respective dimension points.?

Hmmm - Can you please export a file with a layout that has one of these dims in it? As far as I can see Properties is correct and the dim value in the viewport is what is incorrect. If there is an obvious explanation, I am not seeing it yet…


Hi @pascal, This is repeatable if the dimension is created in Layout and pasted into modelspace.

If you snap to model space geometry there’s some info stored on the dimension to scale to the zoom factor of the detail.
It looks like that hangs around when you paste the dimension into model space, which it shouldn’t.

Hi @pascal Yes, It seems the fact that the Dimension is created on a layout makes it a different creature to a dimension created in model space even though you can copy/paste from layout to model space. Looks as if best fix is to redo the Dimensions in model space for now.? Michael VS