Rhino.inside eccentricity


I have a question, I want to convert a steel framework from rhino grasshopper towards Revit.
I know that with the Tekla plugin it is possible with one component (picture below) to provide some eccentricity to the structural elements in grasshopper.
Now my question is, is there a component like that in rhino.inside?
Or otherwise, how should I do it, is it the only option to move the columns for example slightly with the standard grasshopper components?

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Hey @e.m.vanderpas
I’m not sure what this component does on Tekla. Would you mind clarifying the function of this compoent a bit so I can suggest ways to do the same in Rhino.Inside.Revit?


Hi @eirannejad,
It positions the part (steel column in this case) horizontally and vertically in relation to its axis line.
Here are two pages from Tekla help:

I don’t see any axis alignment option on a Structural column instance in Revit. I’d say the column need to be moved. You can read the size of the column and adjust its location to place it where it needs to be.

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Yes, I could not find it.
I solved it with the use of excel input because I was already planning to use excel as input for defining the family and name of the cross section. See below

Input in rhino.inside grasshopper for revit:
Used this input for the displacement of the columns for example:

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