Stroke thickness as in Illustrator

I need to import an illustrator doc. with a lot of paths with a rounded stroke, I know I can outline the stroke in Illustrator but was wondering if I can import the original spline and add the stroke thickness in Rhino, by this I have more control over the points. I was thinking of using offset curve but this doesn’t give rounded corners and ends.


Stroke thickness in AI is point unit, so you need to convert unit to point when you export geometries from Rhino.
You might use SimplifyCrv command after you import AI file to Rhino so that you can have a better control.
It would be nice to a sample file.

Y0u can set the caps to be round:


Oh! Too good!, so simple… thanks so much!!

Is there a way to do this for multiple connected curves and automatically trim the intersecting curves.

curve boolean may help

this is now a feature in v8, you can define a line thickness and add taper or control the cap shape.

see this link

when it will be available,
Also i am talking tools like 2d pipe tools just like current 3d pipe tools. Just like we incesase the stroke width in illustrator and then expand it and it automatically trim the intersecting edges. it is handy to draw some random lines on surface and jali by specifying line thickness.

v8 is in wip now, if you own v7, you can try v8 now.

you can offset it both sides and cap, nothing so far to automatically trim, but curve boolean will allow you to trim them all efficiently.