Stripper - Mesh Topology Editing For Grasshopper

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to introduce the Stripper Grasshopper Plug-In! In short, a mesh-based topological editor.

You can find it in Food4Rhino:

In short, it focuses on the versatile nature of meshes, providing various effective functionalities for working with and editing mesh topology. Heavily inspired and driven by the concept of edge loops the organizational data structure behind mesh construction provides a plethora of design possibilities, some of which are still being discovered today. To contribute to that, this toolkit exposes familiar concepts to 3D artists such as:

  • Edge loops
  • Topological bands
  • Singularities
  • Mesh crawling
  • Developable strips and stripes
  • Discrete assemblies

It’s still very much in development (aka beta), so expect an endless amount of updates, changes, added functionalities, and whatnot in the near and far future.

Thanks, and stay tuned!

– J. Cortes


Any plans to release this as simple UserObjects, so that macOS users can also use this?

You should be able to run it on Mac, assuming you have the latest Rhino installed. I had a friend give it a go on a Mac, and it seemed okay thus far. Just drag and drop the .ghpy into the canvas, and it should install. Otherwise, let me know.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll try it. I wasn’t sure, since you only mention Windows under platforms on Food4Rhino, and it used to be the case that ghpy files weren’t supported in macOS Grasshopper, at least some.

This looks great Jonathan! You might already be aware that there’s a standard Kangaroo component already named Stripper. Which is likely to lead to future confusion, based on preceding Grasshopper component/plugin naming history :wink:

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Thanks! Yes, I had a feeling someone was bound to make that comment :sweat_smile:. That little component definitely inspired some of the Stripper’s Plug-In functionalities. Hopefully it will lead to more discovery than confusion! Ideally expanding on the capabilities of that kangaroo component.

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very cool @joncorrod ! Am I understanding correctly that this an ideal companion for SubD manipulation in GH?

Rather for mesh manipulation, as far as I know!

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but isn’t SubD just a quad mesh that gets catmull-clark divided ? sorry for being naive…

In short, yes, a mesh can be seen as the coarse control cage that is recursively subdivded to approximate an underlying, curved surface. In terms of data types, SubDs and meshes are two different things though that share some properties.

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thank you for the explanation!

Wow - I can only roughly imagine what crazy potential this has! Definitely too interesting to be left undicovered - which is why I would recommend to create an appetizer video and place it on food4rhino (even just a very basic screen recording with no voice-over, showing some examples in action). In the sense of “A video says more than 5 images” or so. :wink:

As @diff-arch explained, yes, this is primarily suited for mesh based operation. That said, Sub-D integration is on the road map, as some functionalities being developed are driven by (and occasionally pulled from) Sub-D functions.

This is a great idea! A close friend suggested the same, 5-15 second, digestible snippets of functionalities. Once the first stable release is out (since it is a premature beta, currently), I’ll make sure to post those appetizers.

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