Stretch window in Grasshopper?


I’d like to make size parameters in Grasshopper for a window modelled in Rhino. I will import the window into Visualarq.

What’s the best way to stretch the window (see the example image) in y and z directions in Grasshopper to the preferred size without distorting the size and shape of the frame profile? In other words, the window size will change, but not the profile. The window profiles of the final window will be quite complex with joints and details in the corners, so that’s why I want to stretch an already Rhino-made window instead of making one from scratch in Grasshopper (the image below is just a simplified version of it to illustrate the problem).

Thanks in advance for any help!

I know too little about the Visualarq aspect (perhaps you should re-categorise this thread as part of the VisualArq section?).

In general Grasshopper is not good at modifying geometry in Rhino. It much prefers to create its own geometry from first principles, like this file: (19.4 KB)


Thanks David for your answer.

I already have a general purpose window made in grasshopper that imports the 2d-profiles from a .3dm-file and creates a fully parametric 3d-window out of those profiles. It is built in a similar manner as the solution you posted, and is a good solution for a general window needed in architectural work.

However, creating a very detailed (think cabinet-maker/carpenter) window or door model with all joints and details from scratch is a lot of work in gh, and considering the detailing might change between projects and some windows will only ever be used in one project, it’s more practical to make these models in rhino and just adjust their size in gh.

I have an idea of how to make it work in gh, although it’s not perhaps the cleanest way. If we take the frame example from this discussion, I would model the corners as separate breps from the horizontal and vertical frame in rhino, and only stretch the frame parts (marked red in the image) and move the corners the same stretched distance in gh, and join the geometry in the end. This would solve the problem of distorted corners, as they are only moved, not transformed.

But are there any suggestions of ways to do this automatically in gh, so that I don’t need to break the model into parts beforehand in rhino?