Parametric window (WWR, Window height, width and position)

Hello! I’m new to Grasshopper. I’m trying to build a parametric window (picture attached) with variables- Window-to-Wall Area Ratio, window width, height, sill height and distance from any edge of the facade. I tried several ways but couldn’t make all these variables parametric simultaneously.
Thanks in advance.

shocked jurassic park GIF Is that sketchup?

Jokes aside, always provide your most relevant tests !

Yes, it is sketchup…I just tried to explain my problem using the sketchup. I have attached the most relevant test where I change the window position by MD Slider, probably it will not work in Octopus for optimization, also I couldn’t adjust the window height and width. (8.6 KB)

There are a couple of problems with you initial post that needs to be understood/modified before modeling.
It’s not possible to keep control of all the variables when they all influence each other.

If you think about it, this problem has nothing to do with Grasshopper. If you modify the width of your window in Sketchup, the wwr changes… even though you wanted it fixed. It basically means your window height or facade dimensions needed to change to keep the initial wwr and new window width.

Recap, you’d need to narrow down what can be modified, and what has control over what.

Here’s a quick go on what you wanted. It’s a beginning - can definitely be tweaked and optimised (17.3 KB)

Thank you.