Stretch/Scale without losing original integrity (shape)

Hi All,

I’m having trouble modifying a design. I would like to extend the length of only the top part of the polysurface, so I have cut it in half with a cutting plane. However, when I try scale, as I extend it 5mm, it also makes the base larger so it no longer matches up to the other half. (Perhaps the non-uniform scale would work but in all my attempts it didn’t, and figuring out which value affected what and how got the best of me).

So I tried stretch, which worked almost perfectly, as it maintained the base the same size so it fits with the other half still, but it ever so slightly makes the new polysurface dip, whereas before it was a straight, not concave, surface. Maybe I’m just putting the stretch axis in the wrong place or something? I’ve been staring at it so long now I think my brain’s a little fried and I need some new eyes :smile:

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks

before (you can see the black line is the cutting plane):

and after, where it now curves in a tiny bit:

is it possible to share the file?

in 2 parts split down middle.3dm (2.1 MB) Here’s the file.

Select the front part.
Use the command. Scale1D
Use your line as 1st point. hold shift so you scale “straight” and click somewhere on the right.
Then you get a straight line :slight_smile:

It would be better if you scaled in one direction only the upper panes without fillets and patches, and apply filleting afterwards.

ahhhh it’s too easy! i must’ve picked the the wrong origin point…not the center line. Thanks for your help :blush: