1d scale without deforming

is there an easy way to stretch compress a polysurface from a centre point. obviously with 1d scale it distorts the ends. currently i am splitting in 2 places and moving and rejoining. or to extend splitting capping and extruding surface then boolion union.

eg i have been modelling some checkouts, my boss comes along and says can i have the same but 500mm shorter, eg chopping 500mm out of the middle.

moveface may help, if not try moveedge


If you hold down Shift+Ctrl you can use a window select then Move. When you select start from the bottom left and go to the top right.


will give these a try on monday, cheers

If you have “dead space” in between the ends, you might try Stretch. The ends won’t deform, but the area in between (you specify how much area and how much stretch) will stretch or condense readily.

i often use points on, and then move only move selected points. in this case move the points on one side of the object.and leave the others in place