Extend Polysurface?

Is there a way to extent the surface as shown? shift+Ctrl clicking won’t scale the face when dragged to a new location I would like to have the same angle retained. Thank you!

Can you scale2d the face?

Thank you, but I need to retain the dependencies of the two curves…2D scale would not scale proportionally but would result the face to move in an unintended way. there is no constrain compared to surface extent

maybe you need to upload a file to explain more clearly what you require?
From your original post this is what i understood:



i achieved that by strl-shift clicking on the face, then Scale2d from the opposite corner
extend polysurface_reply.3dm (69.3 KB)

Please clarify.
Also I corrected the typo in your original title

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You are right! Thanks a lot. works wonders…

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