Stretch operation

We hope to achieve the effect shown in the picture, the built-in Stretch command in Rhino is somewhat similar, but after careful research, we found that it may be far from expectations.

We don’t want to completely deform the entire curve, we just want to select a certain position of curve, and then drag the selected position to deform. Other positions of the curve do not participate in the deformation.

Is there any solution?

@Joshua_Kennedy doesn’t this look like something your Constraints work would be good for?

To work like the video above, if it’s just linear segments, you can do this by turning on control points, window selecting and transforming the points instead of the segments. You can also do a certain number of operations just by sub-object selection of segments themselves.

Note however that Rhino does not have the multi-line ‘wall type’ curves shown in the video.

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