Stray points after projection

Anyone know why there is a bunch of points under my planar surface after projection? (41.0 KB)

(If anyone knows an alternative way to randomly distribute points on a similiar surface with many holes in it, I’m open to suggestions.)


I don’t think that matters, it’s the projection that’s the problem, not the move to point…

EDIT: I managed to side step the problem completely with the “populate geometry” node now, but I’d still be interested in why I got the extra points from the projection, for future reference.

Agreed. Something broken. (33.1 KB)


when you test points for Brep (xtruded surface) inclusion you will get same number of outside points (789) as number of Nulls in P output of Project Point . So that is the reason, points cannot be projected onto a surface in desired direction beacuse they drop out of surface boundary.

edit: Wrong, dont pay attention to this.:upside_down_face:

This method avoids the problem, which sure looks like a bug to me: (33.1 KB)

You could use Mesh / Ray too. (38.2 KB)

Thanks @Joseph_Oster and @HS_Kim, as mentioned, “populate geometry” instead of “populate 2D” also avoids the problem so perhaps there’s a bug with “project point”?

And now that the points are within the surface, can I hijack this thread to ask if any of you know how to keep them away from the surface edges? (I’ve seen solutions using “closest point”, but I think I have too many holes in my surface for that to work, so I’m thinking about trying putting circles around all the points and perhaps projecting to see if they’re fully enclosed or not… because I don’t think I’m able to shrink the original surface through grasshopper…)

Check this as well. (41.1 KB)

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That’s super neat, thank you both!