Rhino 7 projecting points to geometry is not working


I need to project an array of points onto a surface, and it doesn’t seem to work in Rhino and Grasshopper. In Grasshopper it’s missing some points while in Rhino more points get created than my array has.
The array is pretty dense (102400 points) because I need those points for a displacement of the surface with the Image Sampler afterwards and I need a high resolution because I have a detailed line graphic.
I have installed the latest Service release candidate as suggested in this post Rhino 7/Grasshopper Project point not working, but this also hasn’t helped.
Is this a bug?
Thanks for your help!!

Best Pia

https://we.tl/t-kKUoZA0Czx Rhino file
Project points to surface.gh (8.0 MB)

if in top view your points are at the edge of your surface (on the edges), it is possible, due to the tolerances, that the projection or the intersection fails.
If so, try with an surface slightly larger than your grid of points.

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Yes, that’s something I also thought about so I scaled the array before projecting it. I am not missing points that are on the edge but some random ones distributed over the whole surface.
But maybe my scaling factor (0.999) is too close to 1 for the file tolerance of 0.01?
Best Pia

I have set the tolerance to 0.001 and it has worked. Thanks for the hint!