Strange shading for geometries linked in grasshopper

hello all,
I am getting this really weird color shading in all geometries (mesh or nurbs) when I link it to grasshopper from rhino, it seems as it’s been color coded according to which eighth of the space this part of geometry is in,
I 'don’t how it got to be, or how to turn it off.
any ideas?
thanks in advance

ps: i am using the latest build of Rhino 6, updated 2 days ago

We’re going to need to see a file that repeats this bug in order to help. It is really hard to tell what would possibly be the cause of this based on the screenshot.

Hey Steve,
the problem is when I open the same file using rhino on another device it goes well, it’s something from my Rhino/GH default settings.
is there a way to export all the stats about my setting so I can share it here ?
here is another shot of plain GH file with only one component in it and it’s doing the same

It looks like you have a whole slew of 3rd party components installed. I would start by closing Rhino, rename your components folder and then restarting to see if you get the same results in grasshopper. If that fixes the display, then we can start to try and figure out exactly which component is causing this display.