Grasshopper geometry in rendered view - draw distance glitch

Hi everyone! I’m not sure this is a known glitch, but I didn’t seem to find anything on the forum or anywhere else. Here are the files I used, even though I’m not sure this is going to make any difference. (4.7 KB)
RenderedDrawDistance.3dm (10.5 MB)

When in rendered view, the draw distance is a bit unreliable when displaying just Grasshopper geometries.

Here we have Grasshopper unbaked geometries (pink) and Rhino geometries (gray):

Here instead the Rhino geometries have been hidden without changing the view position.

Any idea on what could be the cause?
Thank you!

Yup, there’s a bug that when the Rhino file is empty, the depth-clipping stuff doesn’t even try to figure out the size of the geometry that will be drawn. It’s on the list somewhere, only fix at the moment I think is to keep at least one Rhino object visible.

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